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Pool & Hot tub repair

​Pool Services

spa pump repair

Spa Services

Pool Openings & Closings

Includes opening chems

attached spa / waterfall additional

Spa Opening & Closing (winterization)

Pool or Spa not running properly?

Pool or Hot Tub Equipment Repairs    -  Hourly Rate - $95   

                                                                                            (1hr minimum labor)

                                                                                            (parts & materials additional)

                                                                        -  Service Charge - $90 

                                                                                            (applied only to jobs 30+ miles distance round trip)

Routine Maintenance                               -   D.E. Filter Cleaning                              

                                                                                           (includes disassembly, inspection, cleaning, reassembly, & D.E.)

                                                                         -   Sand Filter Change    

                                                                                           (removal and replacement of pool filter sand)

                                                                         -   Cartridge Filter Cleaning

                                                                                            (includes removal of cartridges, insp., cleaning, and reassembly)

                                                                         -   Annual Heater Maintenance

                                                                                           (cleaning of burner tray, base, burners, top of heater flue)

                                                                         -   3 Year  Heater Maintenance

                                                                                          (annual heater maintenance + heat exchanger cleaning)

Weekly Pool Cleanings                             -  1hr service

                                                                            Chemicals not included

Salt Water Systems & Conversions     -  Salt water system installations, repairs, and general maintenance

Pool Safety Cover                                      -  New cover installations, replacements, repairs, cover cleaning

Pool Deck Pressure Washing                -  Pressure wash / brushing of surrounding pool deck area

salt water pool

Tired of chlorine??

Convert your pool to a natural salt pool!!

Pool Opening

Special Offers

Have your routine maintenance done at the opening and receive discounted rates!!

--Add to your opening--

- Pool Filter Cleaning

- Pool Cover Cleaning